With more than 50 years experience, D.R.T. designs and produces metal bellows based on customers’ requests and needs.

  • tombac metal bellows;
  • bronze - stainless steel - Inconel- Monel – Hastelloy;
  • metal bellows coupling;
  • expansion joints – flexible joints;
  • thermostatic elements for various applications and uses;
  • metal seal bellows for valves, taps, etc.;
  • mechanical frontal seals for fluids and gases, pumps, compressors, etc.;
  • mechanical seals (packing) for compressors, etc.;

We also produce a wide range of expansion joints.

The high quality level of our products, obtained thanks to the use of the most advanced production technology, has been vastly praised by technicians and installers.

  • axial expansion joints (compensating device) with sleeved terminals;
  • axial expansion joints with flanged terminals;
  • axial expansion joints with terminal sleeve and conveyor;
  • flanged axial expansion joints with conveyor;
  • spherical side expansion joints;
  • angle expansion joints.

Thanks to a technical department with a high level professional staff we are able to design and manufacture metal bellows to fit the needs of all customers operating in any sector.